1. When you made an order - you'll get order number by e-mail. 

2. Soon I'll send to your email a message with invoice for making a payment for order.

3. After making a payment - soon you will get a notification by e-mail that parcel is shipped. 

4. You can find your tracking number using this link: or contact me via e-mail

You must track your package by yourself. If you did not pick up your package within a week at your post office, it comes back to me. Re-sending occurs upon re-payment of delivery.

COVID: all parcels could come to you later than usual


Sending your goods

Type of shipping:

1. To post office of national post operator (for all parcels)

2. Express Mail Service

Prices for Express Mail Service:

Region EUROPE USA and other countries
Weight less than 1 kg / 2.2lb 22 USD 22 USD
Weight more than 1 kg / 2.2lb 24 USD + 6 USD per 1kg/2.2 lb 12.60 USD + 10.80 USD per 1 kg/2.2 lb

Terms (to post office):

It may be longer because of holidays or strikes on shipping companies

Country Little packet Big parcel
Austria 8 days 10 days
Belgium 9 days 15 days
Great Britain 9 days 10 days
Spain 15 days 18 days
Italy 16 days 18 days
Canada 10 days 16 days
Netherlands 9 days 12 days
Germany 9 days 12 days
Poland  10 days 14 days
Portugal 20 days 24 days
France 8 days 9 days
Japan 14 days 14 days
Other countries 26 days 26 days



If you moved or want to get your parcel on other address, please use this link (For USA addresses):


Pay with PayPal

As rule, you will get an invoice by PayPal after making order from cart.

When you placed an order - I'll manually send you e-mail with address om my PayPal and instruction how to pay.

Pay with Visa/Mastercard

Please contact me and I will create invoice to your e-mail address.

Pay with Western Union/Swift transfers

Please contact me using contact form and we can negotiate about this type of payment.

Pay direct to United Kingdom credit card

Please contact me using contact form and we can negotiate about this type of payment.