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Kirill Fadeyev is an artist with an exceptional imagination and tremendous artistic skill. Known as the Ukrainian Aubrey Beardsley, his elegant line drawing makes his erotic pictures of men unique and immediately recognizable. Based in Kiev, Ukraine, he works as a painter and architectural designer. A fine artist, he won many prizes as a student and a major historical painting by him hangs in the office of the Government of Kiev. Fadeyev is also the author of a number of sculptural and architectural monuments, including the monument of the WWII fallen soldiers in the very center of Kiev. He is a challenging artist and his works will often shock the viewer. But his great skill as a draftsman, along with his humor and sense of play, redeem his works and raise them to some of the most engaging works of graphic art produced anywhere in the world today. 

Kirill Fadeyev. Biography

Painter. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Works in the technique of easel painting and graphics.

Direction: realistic painting.

Genre: plot-thematic picture, erotica.

From 2003 to 2012 he devoted himself to design and decoration.

He was the author of the design of the largest shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine “Dream Town” (area 167,000 m2), was also the author of the project of an indoor water park in the style of “Jurassic Park” (24,000 m2), worked on the design projects of restaurants and private apartments.  

In 2012 he was the author of the monument to the soldiers of the Second World War in Kyiv, Ukraine.  

At the peak of his career as a designer in 2012, he decided to return to his favorite profession as an artist.    

1977 - Kirill was born in Odessa (USSR, now Ukraine).  

From early childhood he drew, from the age of 11 he studied at an art school.  

In 1992-1997 he studied at the Grekov Art College in Odessa .  

1997-2003 - National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv.  

Main events:

1996 and 1998 - the first recognition of the public - the winner of the city sculpture competition;  

1997 - co-author of the Humor carnival in Odessa;  

2003 - battle picture "Defending Kyiv from the troops of Batu Khan. 1240", oil on canvas 340x160 cm. Acquired by the City Hall of Kyiv for a permanent exhibition;

2004 - founded the ArtOk studio for the development of design projects, the creation of decor and sculptures;  

2009 - Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine;  

2010 - Personal exhibition in London. Adonis Art International Gallery;

2012 - Opening of the monument "Soldiers of the Second World War" Kyiv, Ukraine, author of the project;  

2012 - Closing of ArtOk studio. Over eight years of successful and hard work, interior design projects covering hundreds of thousands of square meters have been implemented. Hundreds of sculptures of different sizes have been created - from intimate decor in the bedroom to 25 meter dinosaurs in the water park;  

2013 - Personal exhibition in London. Adonis Art International Gallery;

2014 - Personal exhibition. Gallery “Art:EGO” Kyiv;  

2015 - creation of the Internet gallery "Artgays", exhibition activities on various Internet resources;  

2022 - due to Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, Kirill had to leave his studio and home in Kyiv…